Mr George Patrick Allen

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Alzheimer's Society

Alzheimers society are the UK's leading dementia support and research charity for people living with dementia, their families and carers.

Registered Number 296645

Messages of condolence

Thinking of you all. Love Zoe, Luke, Aya and Mia xxxxx

Mrs Zoe Eungblut

Love and hugs to all!

Miss Yasmina Demou

Sending all my love

Church Centre Manager Imogen Parker

Dear Irma, sending condolences for your loss and gratitude for writing so wonderfully about your dad and dementia (please consider posting elsewhere or asking the Alzheimers society whether they'd publish it somewhere). Hope you are otherwise doing well. Rafi xx

Dr Rafi O'Leary

Beautiful words Irma, he sounded absolutely wonderful and so adventurous too. Thinking of you & your lovely family at this difficult and sad time. Sending you lots of love, your pal, SJ x

Miss Sarah Jane Cass

To Irma. For the beautiful words x

Miss Gemma Ryder

Thinking of you all. Jess, Tom, Eva and Ana x

Ms Jessica Lane

Dear Irma and family, Sending my deepest condolences and warm wishes. Beautifully written words Irma x

Dr Kelly Zimbler

Really beautifully written Irma - your Dad is lucky to have had you. Sending loads of love x

Nina Putnis

Sending all my love x


It has been a great privilege to know you and Patrick, Ewa, and to meet Irma and Lila at last. Patrick will be long remembered with great affection and admiration. May he rest in peace. With love from Chris and Mary.

Dr Christopher Pountain

To Patrick Allen Memory, on behalf of all Uvitec team organization deep thought to all his family


Warm regards and thoughts to Patrick's family a personal contibution to Patrick memory kind regards karine and pierre


Patrick's sense of fun has kept me amused for sixty years. I just loved his extraordinary and unique mix of interests and skills. Though we didn't see much of each other in the last few years, I shall miss him greatly and am so glad to have his poem to remember him by and remind me of many incidents in his life.Stephen O'Brien

Mr Stephen O'Brien

Dear Ewa and girls, It was a great fortune for me to get to know my „english teacher” Patrick in Putney college end enjoy his unrestrained knowledge of English language, his humour and his witty remarks. He was a genuine English eccentric and had he been born some time earlier he would surely be a member of Bloomsbury Group ! My knowledge of English gained at those unforgettable times with Patrick helped me a lot in my later days ! Love to all three of you Katrín & Erna

Mrs Katrín Kinga Jósefsdóttir

Dear Ewa, Lila and Irma, Thank you for including us in the moving service in memory of Patrick. We will remember him. David and Carlin

Ms Carlinhmond Road Dick

To the memory of my unique Uncle.

Miss Sophy Whorlow

Patrick was a unique and extremely knowledgeable individual who in various ways enriched the lives of those who knew him, he will be greatly missed. Condolences and best wishes to all his family especially to Ewa, Lila and Irma. Peter.

Mr Peter Lister

Dear Ewa and girls, In memory of Patrick, an interesting neighbour. We will miss him From Glenda and David

Mr David Stock

Dearest Ewa, Lila and Irma, We have many special memories of Patrick over the past 10 years and it was very fitting that so much of his unique personality lit up the sadness of his funeral service this week. You all spoke movingly about him as a husband and as a father, and Sally and I learned so much from you all about his earlier life and his extraordinary abilities. We wish we could have known him far longer. With our love, Simon and Sally xxx

Dr Simon and Sally Giles

In fond memory of Patrick, Dick and Diana Wrathall

Mr Dick Wrathall

Dear Ewa, Lila and Irma I'm so sorry for the loss of Patrick. I'm very grateful I got to meet him and enjoy his company when I was in Cambridge - many fond memories of time spent at yours. Love to you all xxx Dylan

Mr Dylan and Amber Giles

Dear Ewa, Lila and Irma - A very fitting and moving service and a wonderful way of paying tribute to Patrick with all his commitments, passions, contradictions and wit. I thought your addresses, Lila and Irma (unfortunately missed yours Ewa) were perfect and I found the music very poignant. I hope you will all cope in the coming weeks. You clearly did so much for him following the onset of his dementia. Patrick will be so proud of you all! Jac Grice and Jeremy Points

Mr Jeremy Points

Ewa, Irma and Lila, thinking of you all Love from David and Tishx

Mrs Tish BErkley

Beautiful service. One could really feel Patrick's presence. With sympathy and love, Mary

Ms Mary Holmes

In memory of the truly wonderful Patrick and with my love to you all.